An example with Flask and Docker

Manager: “Hi Leroy! Welcome to the project. You won’t have to spend half a day to setup the environment in your machine, just clone and run!”

Leroy: “Wha-! Are you serious?”

Unlike the tedious, sometimes daunting task of installing software galore for a project, often with ambiguous or incomplete literature and version incompatibilities, containerisation offers a clean and quick alternative for rapid setup of a functional development environment. Let me present my case with the example of a simple flask application.

Step 1. Create Environment inside Image

Build a base image called custom-env-image containing required dependencies for the application using a Dockerfile.

Times they are a changin’

Change is inevitable and intimidating for many. It enables an inflow of new ideas, criticism and interaction with people in general. But if you’re introverted like me, you would probably find certain things absolutely dreadful.

I’m facing imminent change and a sea of emotions are brimming and swirling in my mind. At the time of writing this article, I’m left with the final few weeks of college and I wish to capture some thoughts regarding expanding my frontiers into the bigger world outside university.

Old College days

We were ushered into college as soon as we finished school and for three years and…

Source: Roy’s Bikes

Neural networks are defined by connection weights and topology. While topology is usually static, the connection weights are constantly adjusted and varied to facilitate the production of desired output.

In the course of training a neural network, the connection weights are iteratively adjusted. This adjustment is determined by the resultant loss, activation function and the learning rate.

Humans are hardwired to read emotions off faces. This ability has been ingrained in us as a result of the enormous evolutionary advantage it provides. A smiling face implies agreeableness and from an angry face, we infer danger! Thus, our minds immediately evaluate the underlying emotion of a person by merely looking at their face. Fascinating! Lets make machines do that.

A little theory first

It’s fairly simple, in fact you’ll be completely capable of tinkering with simple image processing kernels within minutes after reading this article. A fair introduction to Convolution Neural Networks and Batch Normalization, I believe.

CNN is a special Deep…

Expert Systems

As humans, we have a complex set of rules in our minds, based on which every single decision is made. These decisions are subjected to the influential factors which must be taken into consideration to ensure a positive outcome. Thus, if a machine has to be imbibed with this intelligent ability, we have two alternatives.

  1. Provide the complex set of rules in form of code. (Not optimal)
  2. Use Machine Learning. (Oh yeah!)

We ourselves, do not comprehend our train of thoughts, thus it is safe to assume the implausible prospect of making an Artificial Brain by coding decision rules into…

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